The Story

How does one classify the music of singer-songwriter, pianist, and guitarist, Elayne Terranova?  The long answer that doesn’t entirely describe her work is a combination of regional influences across the United States and admiration for various artists resulting in a unique blending of pop, jazz, R&B, and adult contemporary combined with interesting instrumentation and intricately arranged vocals.  But the shorter, simpler, and more accurate answer to classifying Elayne Terranova’s music is simply two words: Her Own. 

As a published BMI writer, Elayne has found her work featured in San Francisco radio ads, a PBS documentary, independent movies, and music recorded in Nashville TN with the help of an award winning producer.  Elayne's experience in music has taken her from playing with various bands performing covers and original material, to touring as a solo artist.  Her specialized talents as a vocalist have landed her jobs singing backup on projects by other artists.  On her own recordings, Elayne creates arranges, and sings all of her own harmonies in her distinct melodic vocal phrasing style.  

From growing up in New Jersey and learning the piano and guitar, to spending time in New York, to living in California and Rhode Island, Elayne always found herself flipping through radio channels, seeing live shows, practicing her instruments and absorbing the different music that surrounded her.  
With some of her favorite artists being Steely Dan, Prince, Todd Rundgren, Bruno Mars, Diane Birch, and the late Laura Nyro, it’s easy to see how Elayne Terranova’s music became so varied and dynamic.  That aspect of her music only serves to become more prominent as she continues to live, breathe, and absorb music. As the music industry continues to change , she also changes. Her childhood love for flipping through the radio dial and finding more music to embrace, discuss, and learn from still resides in her heart. 
Elayne has learned full well that music can take her to new and unexpected places.  And through the strength of her songwriting, production, arrangements, and voice; she aims to take others to new and unexpected places as well.